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Marcel Krauth <marcel.krauth@...>

Hi Mohammad,

The battery is an Effekta BTL 12-120s AGM 120 AH
the size is 330*172*227 with 33 kg per battery is the same as the original battery installed by Amel but with 10AH more per battery
The only job to do is to drill new holes in the copper plates and cut the copper plate to adapt the size
cost around 220 euros per battery

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Hello Marcel;
Can you please let me know the Effectamodel number of the batteries you used. We too need to change batteries this season. Did you have to make any modifications to make the batteries work or were they a direct drop in.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Hi Den and Julie,

I found a battery in Germany at the same size with the original battery and with 120 AH instead of 110 , I installed the Effecta battery two years ago and I'm really satisfied
My boat is at the moment in Preveza Greece , I have also solar panel 440w with a victron regulator

Marcel Krauth
Amel 54 Ganesha 173

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Hi everyone, I need to replace my batteries. As it's important to find an exact fit has anyone sourced them in Croatia. It seems difficult to even find the manufacturer - is it Delphi?

Den and Julie


Amel 54 - 113

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