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Patrick McAneny

Paul, I just responded to your email to me , but in that I did not comment on Alwgrip or my opinion of it, so... One downside is that after we painted our boat , it looked like it just came out of the factory , maybe even more shine , and then just like with a new car , you worry about scratches . It makes it very easy to clean , the paint does not hold the dirt and stains like gel coat. After ten years the white is losing some shine and the rep told me that now it would be OK to wax the hull , they recommend that you do not wax Alwgrip , at least for many years and there is really no need to. Georgetown has painted many large boats over the years , so they do have the experience and Nick would probably be doing the job.

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We have got an offer to put Alwgrip on the Hull, boot strip and rub rail as she already in a shed undergoing some repair . the offer looks attractive   Is there anyone out there who have any good or bad experience with Alwgrip on the hull etc?
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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