Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dessalator pressure erratic


Hi Paul.  I had a similar problem a few years ago.  I kept seeing air in the glass vial on the control panel that indicates fresh water flow.  I found a tiny leak where the AC pump intake attaches to the manifold.  A hose clamp had failed.  It was a stainless band, but the worm gear was not stainless.  New band clamp tightened down and more air and steady pump pressure.

I did have to rebuild the pump this year.  The motor and pump were turning but no pressure.  I never figured out what exactly failed, but the rebuild solved the problem.  I did have to prime the rebuilt pump the first time with the fresh water pump/rinse function.  It's been working well since.  The parts for the rebuild were purchased from Great Water in Maine.  Mark Freuhoff is very helpful...and very expensive.  Info"at"great-water"dot"com

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