Re: Toe rail / Genoa Track Repair

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Hi Woody:  Sorry to see this sort of damage.  I concur with the other post as to the failure mode and repair.  I am not sure what “nylon” screws you are referring to.  The screws that attach the rail to the backing plates are stainless steel (in your case slot head screws, on my SN 335 boat they are SS hex head screws).  I note the missing plastic plugs that help keep water out of these recesses. I find this on many Amel’s that I see.  With them missing seawater pools in those recesses and can lead to the damage you are seeing.    The plugs are available from Amel for cheap, $US  0.20 each.  I order 100 at a time as they fail regularly.  Each recess is a different depth and so the plug needs to be cut with a knife to that precise depth.  Clean each recess with brush & water, use a pick to remove old plastic remnants & collars, Dry everything up, treat with corrosion X or better yet Boeshield (it leaves a waxy residue to help seal).  Use the probe end of a caliper to measure the depth of the recess, lock the caliper & use the sharp point of the caliper to scribe a line in the plastic collar at that exact depth.  Carefully cut off the excess collar.  Insert the plug, press into place.  Avoid hammering into place as that only stress cracks the plastic and leads to premature failure.  A small bit of  Boeshield around the edges will seal it.  With any luck they will last about 5 years in the Caribbean sun.  On an additional note I treat every screw head on both travelers and the main & mizzen outhaul tracks with corrosion X every 3 months or so.  The SS screws against aluminum rails are a set up for dissimilar metal corrosion. 

Gary Silver, original and continuous owner of s/v Liahona, purchased July 1 2001
Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335
PS just did 6 plugs yesterday while hauled out for hurricane repairs here in Fajardo PR

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