Baby on Board and where to go in the Bahamas -


Hello amel family.

Viki and I are expecting (this is why the boat is on the hard right now) our first little crew member    

Nolan (insert middle name)  Meury will be arriving this June.  

Our plan is to spend November and December around Stuart Florida as Nolan will be signed up for infant water survival classes there.  Then we are thinking of heading the bahamas for a month and then back to GA where we will keep the boat for the next hurricane season.

I have two requirements for the bahamas...

1.  Some place that has access to mobile internet or awesome wifi as i still have to work m start up ( and my tax practice.  

2.  Some place that we don't have to worry about draft (marsh harbor or Georgetown? - other ideas)

Also would love some Amel specific or non amel specific for those that have had their baby on board.

Thanks again

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