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Sv Garulfo

Hi Eric,

I tried the pump independently of the hose and it appeared ok with nice flow and pressure so I think that part is fine. 

In 18 months, we've only been away from the boat for a 4 month period and we did rinse the raw water system with fresh water as part of the winterisation. Having said that, the previous owner didn't live aboard and I'm not sure he was applying the procedure. Also, in the med we haven't had much use for the anchor wash, so it would have been stagnant. 

I'll have a play with the endoscope too, One of my favourite tools onboard. 

I was reading online about preventive solutions and came accross the Merus ring. Anyone with practical knowledge of that device?



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I am very surprised you have such problems on such a new boat.

When you are away from the boat for any length of time do you run fresh water through, the genset, engine, Ac, the anchor wash, and the 2 heads?


Possibly you can use a garden hose and a vane pump and circulate barnacle buster through the anchor wash for a while and see what happens.


Fair Winds




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Hi Eric, 


Yes i did, from the pump end. Interestingly I get quite a flow out from the anchor end, but when I stop, I get about 5 litres back out of the pump end. So whatever is in there is stuck pretty hard. I'll try a bit more pressure. 


I'm guessing the rest of the raw water circuit is probably quite clogged too... I got the engine heat exchangers cleaned recently but the fridges circuit and AC circuit will need attention.



Thanks for the tip!






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Hi Thomas,

Did you try disconnecting the hose from the pump and using dock water to blow out the pipe?

I would also do the same at the forward locker.


If not, if you have a scuba tank, you can purchase a nozzle that hooks up to the hose for a BC. That will give you 100 psi+ to clear the hose. It is also very useful to blow things off the engine etc.

Fair Winds


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Hi all,


Today's maintenance monday task was troubleshooting the anchor wash. 


It turns out the pipe is clogged. Using the dock mains pressure lets water through but the pump is not beefy enough to do anything useful. Neither is mouth-blowing into the pipe.


Any advice on unclogging it? Mechanical or chemical (Barnacle Buster any good?)..


Thanks in advance





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