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Hi Ian:
The fact that the red light doesn't come on at all still doesn't exclude the
possibility of a bad transducer, it only means that the send receive loop is
not being completed. It could be a fault with the control box OR a trans-
ducer. I still recommend that you have the control box tested by B & G,
then if it turns out it is ok it would point to a transducer problem. My
experience with all things electronic is that the most common place to
find a fault is in the connectors. As there aren't connectors here, just
wires under screws, double check to make sure that the wires aren't
corroded and the screws are tight.

Have you measured, using a multimeter, the voltage at the control box
to verify that you have voltage there? The wires are labeled on the placard
that is in the bottom of the box. Just test between the ground and voltage
wires (I can't remember if this is a 24 volt or 12 volt system but I believe
the placard or your on board literature should say what it is). Find out from
B & G how to best test the transducers and their cables (e.g. measuring
voltage or resistance across the transducer etc), and post their response
here for the benefit of the group.
Good Luck, Gary

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Hi Gary,Your nose for where to look remains as sensitive as ever. When we tried to
adjust the knob no light came on at all. Turns out that the transducers are fine ( thank
goodness!) but there is a fault in the control box. Luckily I am going home to the UK next
week so B&G can deal with it there.Cheers, Ian


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