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I have the older, black and white, TwinScope on my Amle SM Hull # 335.
I have found it to be a very useful instrument. In fact I can attribute
two instances of hard grounding saves to it. It is not an end all and be
all type instrument and there is a learning curve to using it but I would
do it again (especially if I had the new color unit). Pay particular attention
to the details of mounting (allignment, placement out of turbulent water,
parallel to the water level etc) as the results are only as good as the
quality of the installation. I presume that you have the dual
transducer in one housing version. Mine had two separate transducers
so I had to drill two holes. The horizontal scan mode is less useful
than the vertical scan mode in my opinion. You will be impressed with
how thick the hull is when you drill that hole.

Gary Silver s/v Liahona

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When I bought my SM it came with a brand new in the box Interphase
color twinscope sonar.I've been debating if its worth drilling a hole
in my hull and increasing drag and adding to the instrument clutter or
put it on ebay and sell it.If anyone has one installed I would like to
hear their opinion. Shenanigans SM 123

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