Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] buying a second hand 1992 SM advise

Stephen Davis

Hello Seckin,

We own hull #72 which is a 1992 SM. What is the hull number and name of the boat you are looking at?


Steve Davis
S/V Aloha SM 72
KoOlina, Hawaii

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Seckin Barlas,


You should contact a good surveyor (one who knows Amels), depending on where you are would make a difference for recommendations.



With best regards,





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Dear Friends;

I am new in your group.
I am planning to buy a 1992 Supermaramu from her 2nd owner.

I want to ask to you if you have a check-list for the inspection?
I am a complete beginner for an Amel boat.
And I need your advices.

What are the most important points that I should focus on before buying the boat?
What are the most expensive equipments?

Shortly I need your advices…

My best Regards;
Seckin Barlas

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