Airmar DX900 Multilog Sensor

Duane Siegfri

My Hydra 2000 is going to the repair shop, and in preparation for bad news, I am looking at the cost of replacing the Hydra with NEMA 2000 compliant equipment.

There has been some discussion on how to replace the sonic speed, especially with the Airmar CS4500 in the existing thru-hull and the Airmar P79 for depth mounted to the hull.  

Airmar also makes the DX900, which will report speed, depth and temperature, and also leeway.  This all-in-one approach interested me, and it is not much more cost than the two instruments combined above.  The DX900 lists at $1,059 compared to a total of $850 for the CS4500 plus the P79.  Plus, the DX900 is N2K compliant, while extra gear would be necessary for the the CS4500 and P79.

One downside seems to be that the DX900 sensor face should not be painted with antifouling.  That seems to be a problem, since you would have to pull the sensor to clean it.  It looks like the electrodes actually protrude slightly below the sensor face into the water, which would be an issue for agressive in-the-water-boat-bottom-cleaners.

Has anyone had experience with the DX900?



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