Re: Heading Sensor vs. Solid State Compass???

SV Perigee

re:  My new chartplotter manual says it needs a Heading Sensor in order to overlay the Radar on the chart.

You may not need to install a dedicated heading sensor; but may be able to take Heading data from your autopilot, if it is available as an NMEA output to be placed on your NMEA-183 or -2000 bus.

Further info: our original 400-series Raymarine autopilot was upgraded to the 'G' specification by the addition of a rate gyro input, specifically a Raymarine "Gyroplus2 SHS" (Smart Heading Sensor).   As I understand it this was necessary because the original fluxgate compass (the black puck) did not by itself provide the quality of heading data needed by the new chartplotter+radar combo, for display in the "heading up" mode.  The heading hold and performance of the autopilot is also improved by the additional of the rate gyro input.

The A/P needs to be powered up for the "Heading Up" mode to be available; when the A/P is off, then only "North Up" display is available.

Hope this is helpful.

SV Perigee, SM#396
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