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Patrick McAneny

Dave, Maybe you missed the fact, that I sent Mack Sails, Amels original sail dimensions for a Super Maramu, as well as my old sail. Even though I am confident they could build a sail the correct size based on my old sail , I wanted them to have the factory specs. Which would be more accurate than anyone hoisting a tape measure up the mast, especially in windy conditions,and I live with a tape in my hand and take dozens of measurements everyday. By comparison , Mack Sails would be considered a " smaller loft" and they definately don't "mass produce". Since there is not that many sail makers with lofts producing sails here in the USA. , I would think you would know of Mack Sails and their reputation for excellent sails , especially for cruising boats. Anyway , Thank you for your concern , but everything is good, been down this road before.

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Guesswork is no way to design and build. I'm sure they have a measurement form you could use to record measurements, or if you don't trust your ability to measure, then pay a rigger for a half hour to come to the boat and complete the form. One of the advantages of dealing with a smaller loft that isn't trying to do mass production is that they can take the time to make things perfect as opposed to just having something that fills a triangle. 

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