Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Placement of EV-1 sensor for Raymarine EV-400 autopilot

Thomas Peacock

We put in the exact system two years ago. While I had some concern about the proximity to the salon air conditioning unit and freezer, I did place the EV unit in the corner behind the settee, aft. The old flux gate is same location but in forward corner. We have had no problems. 
Tom Peacock
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Greetings all,

We are supplementing/replacing our existing Raymarine 400(G) autopilot to a Raymarine Evolution (EV-400), re-using the linear drive and rudder reference units.

Basis: improve reliability and redundancy going forward; eliminate some RF interference that the Furuno IF-NMEA-2K2 NMEA 183<->2000 data converter is introducing.  [This converter is used to take wind & nav info off the N2K bus and send it to existing 400G (which can only accept NMEA-183); also takes NMEA-183 heading data from the 400G (fluxgate compas & rate gyro) and puts it onto N2K bus for the chartplotter & radar.]

Does anyone already have the EV-400 with the EV-1 Sensor Core (the white dome thingey that looks a little like the starship enterprise)?  If so, where did you place the EV-1 sensor unit?

Thanks in anticipation,


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