Re: Black Smoke From Volvo Penta Engine Exhaust

John Clark

Last year during the survey of my SM #37 (1990)  there was a puff of black smoke and some floating oil sheen, just for a second.  Never repeated.  The previous owners had not run the genset in several months as they stayed in marinas.   The surveyor and Jean Collin, the Amel rep in Le Marin who came along for the sailing part of the survey, both noticed it and both stated that it is normal for an engine that has been idle for a long period.

Over the last year, I have run the genset once a day (when not on shore power) and have not seen a repeat nor have I had any issues with the genset.

On the Volvo TAMD22 every once in a while if there is no wind and the motor has not been run in a while I can see some black smoke, which dissipates after a minute of run time.   

I would monitor the situation and not rush to spend money on it until I was sure there was a problem that needs to be fixed.  On the carbon build up, I think it is nonsense to say it cannot be cleaned up.  A Dremel took with a stainless steel wire brush would make short work of carbon.  If it is really hard then switch to a stone tip wheel.  
   Hope this helps.  John

John Clark 
SV Annie SM 37
Rock Sound Harbor,  Eleuthera

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