Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Whisker pole

Wolfgang Weber

Hello Jeffrey,
I was using a 230 sqm Spinnaker and the one Amel pole on our 54 last summer. We  bought the sail for less money on ebay (500 €) old, but I think never or only few times used.  I learnd, that most spinnakers will never be used. The sock for the spinnaker was more expensive (800€).
So I made this investment to see,  if a parasailor ( 10.000 €) whould be an option . I think under 2000€ was worth the test, but parasailor for 10.000€ is not worth.
We sail sometimes genua with pole and free gennaker on the other side. This is good 
If you have enough wind and waves do not make the gennaker flapping. Thats why I am thinking of the second pole. 
I Friend of mine- former owner of Amel 54 =now Garulfo bought an Aluminium tube- same Dimension like the Amel pole, bought the fittings from Amel La Rochelle and had for less money a second pole, which they used more than his new parasailor. The problem with the second pole (6,40 m)is where to store. So the forespar whiskerpole is only 4,2?m. The 54 has in both sides of the mastfoot the place the toggle for the Whiskerpole .
Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162

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