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Craig Briggs

Very exciting, Paul, and early welcome to the DB.

Can't really say anything about the specific boats, of course, but, in general, 3300 on the Volvo should not be an issue if it's been well maintained.  You may well get two to three times that and if you do the same 150 hours a year that it's had that will last you maybe another 40 years!  My Perkins twin to that Volvo is at 7500 hours and shows no signs of needing replacement.  Plus the Volvo is naturally aspirated, which eliminates the turbo complexity. Then again Mitsubishi is a reputable brand, although I know nothing of the Midif.

The rigging on the original is coming up on 20 years so you'll want to evaluate the history. With only 150 hours on the engine it suggests to me the boat was lightly used (I average about 300 a year and only sail 6 months per year, which I'd consider maybe average usage.) If the boat was in the Caribbean all that time it may be due for a re-rig (about $5000 from Acmo in France and an easy DIY job). If it's been in a northern climate with light use, it may be fine.

It may come down to the overall condition, and the nod could go to the 8 years newer one. It'll be fun to learn what you discover.

Good luck shopping,
Craig SN#68 Sangaris

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Hello all, I just registered with this group because, after careful consideration of several bluewater yacht brands (we are past Pacific Seacraft owners), and time spent as crew on a Super Maramu, we have (almost) decided to purchase our own Amel.  Next week we are headed for Martinique to look at a few and I have a question for the group.

We will be looking at 2 Santorins and a SM.  

My question:  One of the Santorins, a 1991, was re-powered in 2011 with a "Midif MD 1760."  Looking this up I find it is a 50-hp turbocharged Mitsubishi-built engine, distributed by Midif in France.  I could find no reviews or discussion on this engine anywhere online.  Does anybody have any experience with or reliable info on this engine?  Reliability?  Is it suitable for a Santorin?  I assume all parts and support would need to come from the distributor in France.  

I will know more after a week on Martinique, but I am trying to be a well-informed shopper...

The other Santorin, a 1999, while "younger", has its original Volvo engine with 3300 hr (and original standing rigging), vs. the "older" Santorin which has the young Midif engine with 812 hr (and new standing rigging and seacocks). 

Don't want to post too much at once.  Thanks for any advice.


Paul Cooper 

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