Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: New Bowthruster unit - cost and in-stock?

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Nick & Alan

Many thanks for your helpful thoughts.

Did I hear somewhere that Maud was no longer the person to communicate with at Amel? If so who and which email address would be best for an urgent high priority response?

I do hope to hear from others and also particularly from anyone who has sailed any distance with the bowthrustet unit missing.

Fortunately this boat #332 was one of the newer 2000 models which had the nom twist box inserted just above the thruster gear unit and the break was below that, in the carbon fiber gear housing. So in our case the twist prevention block is still attached applying upward presdure on the seals to prevent water ingress. Now been 4 hours motoring back morth toeatds Male eith not a drop of water yet, but ....... this is in  flat water in Vaavu Atoll, not open Indian Ocean.

Colin Streeter
SV Island Pearl II
SM53 #332 Maldives

On 19 Mar. 2018 14:01, "divanz620@... [amelyachtowners]" <> wrote:

Hi Colin,

Bad news indeed.
I would think that given you have no shaft, the if you put what remains of the bow thruster in the down position, the seal around the shaft and the foam seal on the motor side would probably keep most of the water out.
Good luck
Elyse SM437

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