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Barry Connor

Hello Duane,

Although I have a 54 it seems that we have the same original depth sounder.
I have been working for the past year on upgrading from NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000. I did the conversion for depth and wind by first using the Actisense NGW-1 when I put the backbone in for the new Furuno Multi Function Display TZTL12F. I ran the new display with both original displays, Furuno Marine Radar RDP-148 at helm and RDP-149 at chart table.
I have just now completed the change with a new Radar dome and new B&G depth/speed and wind package.
The depth sounder you have is what I had, D800-498. 20-386-02. Why I did not do this at first was because I could not get the correct information about using the original through hull fitting. It took time to find out that I could keep the original through hull fitting and just insert a new sounder, this is the Airmar IDST-N2000 20-033-01. The only difference is that the new through hull fitting comes with a flap on the hull fitting to slow water coming into the boat when you are changing the inserts.
The outside dimension of the both the old and new through hull fittings is 51mm outside and the inside is 25mm. 
So I installed the new sounder into the original through hull fitting with no problems.
As I'm no longer using the NMEA 0183 system I have taken out both original Furuno displays and the Actisense NGW-1.

These items together with the original Radar dome are now available if anyone needs this gear, all fittings, cables and manuals are included.

As the new Airmar sounder package comes with a paddle wheel incorporated I will not be using the originally installed sonic speed.
I hope that this information is of help.

Best Regards

Barry and Penny Connor
"Lady Penelope II"
Amel 54.  #17
Marina di Ragusa.  Sicily 

On Sunday, March 18, 2018 2:42 PM, "sailor63109@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Can someone tell me about if the OEM thru-hull fitting for the Airmar depth sensor is a 51mm housing?  

Mine is marked D800-P498 on the tag attached to the sensor wire, and "20-386-02" is printed on the top of the sensor.  I'm looking at the Airmar DX900+ and it says it will retrofit into the 51mm housings.  I cannot find any legacy product information on the Airmar website.

I remember a thread not too long ago on replacing the B&G Sonic Speed with an Airmar CS4500, and someone said they had to enlarge the hole to accomodate the new sensor.  The CS4500 also notes it will retrofit into most 51mm housings, that's why I'm concerned.

Wanderer, SM#477

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