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this is pietro from ocean bird. Sm 2000  n 468 
I have been in cayman island in october 2015 and i remain two weeks at the mooring in front of five miles beach waiting  for better sea condition but the north sound is very very shallow and it s very dangerous for us to get inside. After two weeks i leaved for mexico. You can stay very well at the moorings but of course you cannot leave the boat unattended .
And remenber the island is very very very expensive!!!
Pietro frisani
Sm 2000
Ocean bird

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A few years ago on a passage to Shelter Bay, we picked up a mooring in the same bay where cruise ships anchor. I had a SM and there was plenty of water under the keel. I’m sitting in an airport now, so I don’t have a chart available, and I don’t remember the exact spot, but it was off the town.

Bob Fritz
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