Re: B&G Hydra 2000, analogue MHU (wind sensors) and helm instruments for sale

SV Perigee

Greetings Duane,

I used the Airmar DST800 NMEA2000 version, plastic; it was a direct drop-in replacement for existing depth-sensor (located in bilge outside the FWD head).

Downside: paddle wheel = cleaning, and exposed location.

Upside: no extra hole for speed+depth; plus temp.  Was incrementally rolling out the N2K backbone (which presently ends at the sensor).  Next: will run the backbone up the mast to terminate at the Wind Sensor, which I will do in 3 wks time, when I pull the masts to replace the standing rigging (ACMO).


Perigee, SM#396
St Maarten

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