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Courtney Gorman

Hi Porter
I am heading to Martinique on Saturday I'm in Marin on the fuel dock Look me up if you have a chance

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Hello. We’re over in the IWW Marina. Provisioning and deciding on new sails. 
Looks like you’re wearing out your Visa card!!
Went to FKG yesterday. Looks like a serious outfit!!

What wind gen are you thinking?  

Please stop by if you’re  around. 
We leave probably sat or Sunday for Martinique and a haulout Tuesday. 

What are your Sailing plans after the refit?
Good to hear from you


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Hi Porter, 

Where are you?  We are in anchored the lagoon, Dutch side, awaiting our standing rigging, which we are doing with FKG.  Plus a host of other projects kicking in while the masts will be off (wind gen on mizzen, VHF & AIS aerials,  N2K wind sensors, cabling, new A/P, and so on).


Perigee, SM#396

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