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Ryan Meador

A JPEG will not scale cleanly -- you'll get pixilation and other distortion.  You want to use a vector format, especially since whatever CNC machine the sail shop is likely going to use to cut the design out of fabric probably takes a vector format as input.  A human designer might have to re-design it by hand if you send them a JPEG.  If Photoshop format doesn't work for you, SVG should.  I've been meaning to convert the PSD to SVG and upload it, but I haven't had time.  There is a free program called Inkscape that I believe can do the conversion, if anyone wants to try it.

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Bill Kinney helpfully posted an Amel Vector Logo file in photoshop format.  I don't have photoshop software so coverted it to .jpg format and posted it, too. The original file Bill posted had an underline as the first character so you'll have to scroll way down in the files section to find it, or just search for "logo".

Craig SN68

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 Pat (or anyone else interested)

If it would help, I have a vector graphic file of the Amel Logo that should be way easier for someone to work with than a photo.

Bill Kinney
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