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Craig Briggs

Thanks Pat for the info and thanks Duane for the great pictures you posted - really helpful ! 

I just tackled mine and have a couple of updates: There's a third Oil Seal that's on the Winch handle gear shaft after you remove the plastic housing. It is 30-40-6.  Also the top oil seal on the pictures is mislabled as 58-46-7.  It is actually the 60-45-7 that Pat notes below (usually labeled Shaft Diameter-Bore Dia-Width, or 45-60-7).

Btw, the seals should be easily sourced from a myriad of manufacturers like SKF, NOK etc., unless you're really in the boonies.

Cheers, Craig SN68

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For some time in heavy air while furling the main , the motor did not seem strong enough. I now believe it may have been that the furler had a bearing that was near seizing . Last fall the main would not roll out , assuming it was the motor , I used a winch handle  and the it would not budge , eventually I broke it free and sailed on. At the end of the season I dismantled the gearbox and found the tapered bearing was completely seized. So if you think your furler is a littlle slow/weak , you may want to have a look inside. Duane posted some pics that were helpful . It took me longer to find the seals than the bearings, so I thought I would post the bearing and seal info and sources.

Bearings: Source , Motion Industries - Tapered bearing item # 32009xm-90kmi   , Bore 45mm, OD. 75mm, Width 20mm , Manufacturer Timken

Ball Bearing , item # 9105k Bore 25mm, OD. 47mm, Width 12mm  Manufacturer Fafnir 

Oil Seals : Source , Metric Seals Inc. 45mmX60mmX7mm    25mmX33mm X6mm  

You will need one each of bearings and seals


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