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Mark Erdos

Oops! I’m bad. Too much time in the sun latey.



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Hi Paul. Previously a client and now a friend, Mark on CREAMPUFF might not have noticed that you have an Amel 54 and not a Super Maramu 53. The bow thrusters on these boats are entirely different from one another and I do not believe there is a tool for the 54 that allows one to remove the propeller leg while in the water. My SM 53 had this tool and I made use of it on more than one occasion. My 54 didn’t have a water service tool or mention of this in the manual as far as I can remember. Anyone out there with an Amel 54, please feel free to correct me if I am in error. Wouldn’t be the only time…


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Hi all,

My sidepower bowthruster has lost the linkage to the props and just spins. According to the manual a probable cause could be rope getting sucked in which causes the "flexible coupling" to break. My question is: is it possible to check this, and even replace it, with the boat in the water?

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