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I respectfully make the following points:
  • My recommendation is to always buy simple lead acid batteries like the DEKA brand DC31DT made by East Penn Manufacturing in the US. Or buy something similar in other parts of the world.
  • These Vmax batteries are AGM...are all of your charging devices capable of AGM charging curves?
  • The Vmax website has no indication of where the batteries are made, or who they are. I suspect a China re-brand, but don't know.
  • Since there are so many distortions of the truth among battery suppliers, how can you trust this? 
  • BTW, I really like how they designed the connections on the battery...I have seen this 8mm bolt connector from other Chinese battery manufacturers.
  • When I Googled the Vmax address I find a small commercial building, apparently not a I believe that Vmax is a distributor of of re-branded batteries made somewhere, probably China.


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Batteries again,

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Vmax batteries?

They have two interesting batteries

SLR125 and the XTR-135 125/135 Ah for a group 31 type batteries, with the 135 I would get 540 Ah instead normal 420 Ah a significant difference. Price looks ok 2268 $ for 8 batteries free delivered, cost for the 8 125 Ah 1840 USD delivered. Good prices for AGM batteries

No t very much reviews on internet but a few on Y tube but one do not know who behind the reviews

Paul on SY Kerpa SM #259 


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