Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: How much anchor chain?


I have an Amel 54 (Amelia #019 2006) she is my third boat and my largest.  I have concerns that 10mm chain is not strong enough, for such a large vessel. She has very rusty 10mm chain. Unknown grade, but presumably supplied by Amel from new.

Does anyone know what grade 10mm chain Amel supplied 

My last boat was 46 ft and 10T, a Bowman 46. I cruised her extensively and used 10mm Aqua 4 chain. Never felt like it would break.

My previous boat to that was a 35 ft Gaff cutter (Faith of Norfolk) Also 10T that I circumnavigated and used 10mm chain. I am not sure what grade it was. I also felt than the chain was super strong.

The sheer size and windage of Amelia suggests to me that she needs 12mm chain not 10mm.  Not to mention the massive bow rollers and well built bow structure and anchoring system sporting what to my eye looks like puny chain!

However looking at the ( Maggi chain web site I find that if I use Aqua 7 10mm grade chain then I will have a breaking strain that is more than the 12mm  grade 4.

The drawbacks are price and re-galvanising. Apparently re-galvanising grade 7 may weaken it slightly though not by very much.

Any thoughts out there?


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