lost my bowthruster


during port movement to take in diesel & cast off to Europe, I lost my bowthruster (mechanical part) due apparently to 3 screws linking tube to motor coming off (my fault leaving protection on & masking the screws & collar when moving the bowthruster asm).

went down in about 1 M of mud; definetly lost.

I am building a dummy in steel to enter the well & close the ingress of water but also to resist the water surge in well when sailing in heavy seas.

Anybody tried it before ? tips, clues on design, risks (bolt shearing, steel dummy damaging hull ...).

I shall go slow & look for the high pressure zone to avoid heavy seas but the passage from Guadeloupe to Gibraltar is minimum 21 to 26 days ... with lows hitting the north Atlantic ...

all ideas welcome, fellows.

fair winds

christian alby - D├ęsirade VIII - maramu 116 - now in Guadeloupe, Marina Bas du Fort

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