Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Rats!

Duane Siegfri


I certainly hope our rat doesn't have that advanced a degree in Trap Avoidance.  But now, we are going on 10 days since he chewed through a water hose under the galley sink so he may be of the same school.  We currently have three spring traps, 10 glue boards and one electrocution tunnel (I'm not kidding about that one, they had it at Lowes).

I think he's under the freezer (based on the fluffly insulation coming from there) and am thinking about a wild solution like flooding that space and then putting a gazillion volts to the water....or shotgun(s)...or maybe I need a vacation.

I did read this morning that one should not handle the traps without gloves since your skin oil will alert the rat to your plans.  I wish the manufacturers would have mentioned that one.  Mice didn't seem to care back in the midwest.

We're keeping the watertight bulkhead doors closed in hopes we can isolate him to the main cabin.  He could still find the conduit ways, but I've plugged them with copper pot scrubbers.  This is getting to be a protracted war.

By the way, we named him Sammy (remember the Rat Pack?).  That way Peg doesn't have to say the word "Rat".  Just saying the word makes her nauseous.  I might be living alone if Sammy doesn't take us up on one of our "presents".


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