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Ryan Meador

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the great info, as always.  Your description makes perfect sense.  So it seems like my setup is missing a shackle (which might be in some drawer somewhere), and the strange splice-in-the-core is not a critical component (and maybe even a stopgap "fix" to a degrading line).  I should just get a normal eye spliced into both ends (one possibly with a shackle).  I wonder if I'll be able to feed the new rope through the mast with an eye on it... I think every other line that has a splice on one end is just whipped on the other end, so you can feed it through one way.

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It is a little tough to describe, because if there are standard terms for this, I am not sure what they are, but I hope this makes sense...

The end of the ballooner halyard that comes down from the top of the mast (the "high end") should have a loop on it, and the other end (the "low end") should have a shackle.  The shackle attached to the rail IS normal, and is there just to secure the "high end" by its loop while it is not being used.

While putting the sail UP the loop on the "high end" of the halyard is hooked on the "latching mouse" at the top of the sail, and the shackle on the "low end" of the halyard is attached to the loop on the "high end" of the halyard, allowing you to pull it back down--free of the mouse--once the sail is latched on top of the foil.

When using the "de-hooking" mouse, the shackle on the "low end" of the halyard is attached to the loop on the de-latching mouse AND to the loop on the "high end" of the halyard, letting you pull it up, and then back down again.

The rigging company should understand a "spliced loop" on one end, and a "spliced loop with shackle" on the other.

The only change we made to the original setup was to replace the key shackle with a snap shackle.

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Hi all,
I'm getting some new running rigging, and while figuring out what is needed, I was quite confused by the ends of the halyard that I believe is for the ballooner (which I have yet to fly since I bought the boat).  I've attached a couple photos of the two ends.

The end at the mast has that loop in it... is that normal?  What is it for?  How do I instruct the rope company to make that?

And on the other end, it appears the shackle is permanently attached to the boat, not to the line... is that also normal?  I see a shackle in the ballooner section of the Amel manual, but it doesn't clearly show how it attaches.  I know want to hook the two ends of the line together to form a loop before sending the ballooner up so I can get it back down.

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