Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dessalator 160ltr phr watermaker


I have the new board and it does work as described but with one modification. The high pressure sensor on the "old" board has four terminals and the two that are utilized are normally "Closed". The new board supposedly checks for low pressure as well as high pressure and I believe that the logic now requires a normal condition of "Open". The new board will work if you simply disconnect the high pressure sensor. I asked Dessalator if the other two terminals on the existing pressure switch are simply the normally "open" contacts but they never responded to my question. Instead they offered to sell me a new model pressure switch for 215.23 Euros. This price included VAT and freight to Crete. Unfortunately they could only accept payment by "wire transfer" in Euros "Net of all Bank Fees". Pretty hard to do when you are cruising and you bank in the USA.

I believe that the new model switch is unnecessary. I think you just have to re-wire the contacts on the "old" switch to the presently unused pair.
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