In Mast Electric Furler question


Hello all, looking for the collective wisdom from this group. I have a 1985 Mango. I suspect that this question might apply to all of the electric furlers despite their design differences over the years.

Below are the symptoms

  • The mainsail unfurls with the electric motor without issue and is fast and reliable. 
  • The mainsail will not furl in (counter clockwise around the mast) with the electric motor, the motor sounds like it is spinning
  • If I use the hand crank on the front of the motor mast, it furls in easily. So nothing is jammed, stuck or dragging inside the mast
  • If I unfurl the sail all the way out and keep going which results in the mainsail furling in the opposite direction (clockwise) around the mast it furls without problem
So my thoughts are that its is either
  • Solenoid issue
  • Electrical connect issue (corrosion) on that side of the motor
  • Maybe a worn gear on the motor that impacts that one direction only
Has anyone had this problem? 

BTW the boat sails awesome!


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