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The short answer is "No" they are not all like that, it is an after market modification.

If I understand what you describe correctly, and the angled housing for the Autopilot controller is not sealed down, how is water kept from leaking down through the wire access hole?  Under the dodger is not always wet, but it certainly happens that water flushes across that surface under some conditions.  Water (especially salt water!) running down into the utility space above the galley sink would be a bad thing.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Foxtown, Little Abaco, Bahamas

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This thread has me wondering if my boat is abnormal.  My autopilot "house" is only held down by two thumb screws.  Removing it is a common occurrence, as it's where the wires for the chartplotter come up through the deck, and the chartplotter is removable; whenever I put it below, I undo the "house" and tuck the wires underneath to protect them.  Reverse the procedure the next time I want to sail.  Relocating it would mostly just be a case of moving the two screws, as long as you stay within reach of the wire conduit beneath.  Is this not the way every Super Maramu is?

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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