Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Just a bit off topic, but worth saying...


Bill Kinney, et al,

Exactly...well said, AND, I believe it takes some effort to maintain a Group Forum such as this one. I have been a member for about 12 years. I can remember several "new" members to The Amel Yacht Owners Group who treated this group as though it were "Cruiser's Forum," which is full of the type of members you speak of. Before I was an Amel owner and still a newbie, I visited "Cruisers Forum" thinking those people were really smart. Of course, the "advice" that I gleamed from that place was very costly, if you know what I mean. 

I really admire several members of this group who politely explained this group's etiquette and decorum to those "new" and short-term members. Regrettably, I was a more of a crotchety-to-the-point sort of guy with zero patience for that kind of behavior. On the positive side, those "new" members are no longer members, and even if I felt an apology was due, they are not here to see it.  


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