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Hello Duane,
Yes I spend a lot of time in Venezuela, "Simpatico"´s is home based in Naiguatá, at a private marina Cub Puerto Azul. Our navigations take us mainly to the Venezuelan islands of La Blanquilla, La Tortuga, Los Roques, Aves de Barlovento and Sotavento. These islands are substantially offshore (70 NM or more) and are rather safe. Unfortunately some islands and parts of the mainland are not. The attached map shows in violet circles the unsafe areas.Generally speaking, anyone should avoid the island of Los Testigos, the northern coast of the Paria and Araya Peninsulas, Margarita and Puerto La Cruz. It is dangerous there.
Cumaná in on the mainland. There have also been reports of incidents in the Mochima area, which is between Puerto La Cruz and Cumaná. We are currently on the hard in a facility that seems to be rather safe. 
Venezuela in general has become (unfortunately)a very unsafe country. Crime is rampant and there is a lot of political and economical unrest. So if you are a foreign flag vessel and do not know your way around, don´t risk coming. 
Even locals are at a constant risk. So we sailed straight into Cumaná from the north. Sailboats are not very common these days. The Navimca yard claims we are the first sailing vessel to arrive there in over two years. Mostly there are fishing and working vessels (oil service boats, Coast Guard, and other small service boats, etc.)
When we depart in about 60 days, we intend to sail into the Gulf of Cariaco, about 26 NM east of Cumaná, then sail back though Mochima (daysail), eventually Margarita, La Blanquilla and then either Los Roques or back to the Club. 
Hope this answers some of your questions. 
More information in English:

Alex Paquin

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