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I believe that the way the Super Maramu was designed, rigged, and equipped, it may be superior to any other sailboat regarding your rescue questions.

The mizzen mast was rigged with 2 each 10mm halyards (1 port and 1 stbd) each capable of lifting at least 1000 pounds. Each can be hauled using the electric main sheet winch. More importantly, there is a block for each at the end of the mizzen boom which will aid in holding the retrieved person off the boat. With the mizzen sheet loose, the end of the  mizzen boom will elevate when the halyard shackle meets the boom block, allowing you to swing the boom and person up and over the rail.

However, all above is based on how the Super Maramu was designed and built and may not be true with a particular Super Maramu owned by a non-caring owner, or a smarter person than Henri Amel.I hope this helps you. If you need more information, please contact me. 


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Dear experienced AMEL Yacht Owners,

Does anybody has experience in rescueing a casualty on Super Maramus? I'm instructor for ISAF courses and I'm thinking about the method for taking back on board a person who was fallen over board.

We have several possibilities to board somebody. 

Halyard of the balooner is for sure strong enough.

Halyard from the top from the spinnaker halyard. Is the fixation on mast with the shakle on the block strong enough to lift up a person in full wet suit with wet boots etc with a weight of about 150 kg?

What about the main mast with the boom? Is the steel wire which holds the boom, strong enough to lift up 150 kg or more?

Last but not least on the mizzen we can use the halyard for the mizzen staysail. Same question: Is the mizzen mast fixation on the top with shakle and block strong enough for lifting up 150 kg or more?

The last possibility is the halyard for the outboard or passerelle with the boom of the mizzen. Is this fixation strong enough to lift up 150 kg or more.

All your answer will be appreciated strongly and I thank you all very much for your ideas and thoughts about the subject which each us hopes it will never happen.

By the way: the AMEL 55 and later have a vang on the boom, which is the method for lifting up a person from the water.

From the RYA there is the recommendation, that casualty should lift up horizontally and for this you need a second halyard or the same one halyard but you need the strength of the double weight.

Many thanks an fair winds,


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