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Hi All,

 There is a great review of the Amel 50 in April's Yachting World--she's on the front cover as well.

The reviewer is Pip Hare. We first met Pip in Piriapolis , Uruguay, where she had sailed two handed in The Shed,  an Oyster 37 which had seen better days. She decided to do the OSTAR, the single-handed transatlantic race, so she sailed back singlehanded from Uruguay to UK and set off on the race. Somewhere to the west of Ireland a lower shroud parted. Mast swaying,  she nursed the boat back to a bay on the south cost of Ireland where her father rowed out to her with a new stay. She wasn't allowed shore assistance beyond that ,so she had to rerig the boat herself . She set off in pursuit of her class who by now had 2-3 days lead on her. She overhauled most of them.

 Pip went on to compete  successfully in those crazy 30 footers which the French love, on races like the Route du Rhum and is probably at her happiest single handed in mid-Atlantic up to her waist in cold sea water, in the dark,  in the cockpit having just broached while trying to maintain 17 knots when her competitors have eased back to 10.

 So, you might wonder what on earth she would make of the Amel 50.  It was December,  dark, wet and windy off La Rochelle. She confesses that did feel overdressed sitting in the cockpit in her salopettes and seaboots ( remember them ?) with warmth rising from the saloon together with the aroma of bread and fresh coffee...

 Her conclusion:  " I can't sit on the fence about the Amel 50; it's a brilliant boat.........I arrived with some heavy preconceptions, perhaps about as much as the kind of sailor I am as the kind of boat I would be sailing. I was treated to the full Amel experience.... but if you take away the fine food, endless expressos and crisp white bed linen, the Amel still shines. It sails well, it is beautifully built and it made me smile. I left surprised and ever so slightly in love "

 Praise indeed ! I think the La Rochelle yard is going to be very busy.

 Ian and Judy,

 Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece

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