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Thanks for this info Dennis
Sounds like you had all bases covered with hydrovane, autopilot and spare autopilot drive. 
I think I’m going to go against my instinct and not instal a wind vane. In large part this decision is one centered on cost. Not just the cost of the unit but more so the fact that our solar arch/davits overhang the transom. Ie no gap at all for the wind vane to protrude above the solar panel. As such I would also need to redesign the arch. 

Instead I might beef up the solar we have currently and look for a spare rotary drive unit. I wonder if these are available as reconditioned items so will ask a  repair Center  here in the uk. 

Many thanks again 
Fair winds
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Hi Miles,

We used our Hydrovane for the entire Pacific crossing.  It was really an energy saver.  By the time we got to the Atlantic, we had purchased a second drive motor for the Raymarine autopilot.  We ended up not using the Hydrovane for the Atlantic crossing because the wind was light and variable (a result of Hurricane Alex).  We had also increased our solar array by then and so the drain on the batteries was somewhat mitigated as we used the autopilot for the entire crossing.  The motor did not fail and the autopilot seems bullet proof as long as you don't make a mistake and break the clutch by manually turning the helm in an emergency. 

Dennis Johns
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