Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Dessalator pump not working

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Mohammad,

I removed the two capacitors on the high-pressure pump and measured their capacitance.  The first was 18mfd and the second measured 25mfd.  I assumed they should have been 30mfd each.  I replaced them with two new 30mfd and the pump started.  Subsequently, I looked through the owners group data and found a reference to 2-30mfd for the high-pressure pump.  I believe the posting was from Bill Rouse, however I went back to find the data to give proper credit and cannot find it again.


With those two large capacitors on your high-pressure pump you may want to check the amp draw and verify it is within the nameplate rating on the motor.  Thanks for your earlier reply.

Mark Mueller
A 54 – 68, Brass Ring
Fort Lauderdale

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