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Hi Mike,

 Yes, I did spot that 2mm was on the small side! I have left your phone number on the boat. Can you send it to me at   penazen@... ?


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Hi Ian,

Hole size should read 22mm

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Hi Ian,

Just completed the job in Port Grimaud.

On hull 461 we required a 30mm “deep reach” socket to undo the keel bolt.

The hole in the copper strip we used was 2mm diameter.

We had our strip made up in UK for £120 including all the drilling, bending and delivery.

If you are in UK give me a call and I’ll talk you through our experience.  You should have our card somewhere.



SM2K 461

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 Hi all,

Does anyone know the diameter of the keel bolt in the grey water bilge in the engine room of an SM ? I am making up the copper strip that bolts on to the aft bolt but I'm not on board and don't know how big to make the hole on the copper strip.

     Ian and Judy,

 Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece

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