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Willem Kroes

Hi Rink,


I have the same problem. Not that the alternator is not working, but I want a spare one and also a smart external regulator that is programmed for my new Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.


I also asked the Amel community, but there was no reaction.


Next week I will go to my boat in NW Spain (at dry standing there at the moment), driving my own car with a new dinghy (WalkerBay Rid) on the trailer. I will stay there one week and will bring the alternator with me back to the Netherlands. Early May I will go back to the boat by plane and bring the alternator with me and may be also the new one. So by the end of April I certainly know what model will fit. One other thing is also important. Lots of alternators are case grounded and what you need in the Amel is an isolated alternator, because the engine only has a ground connection at the moment of starting and that of stopping (therefore there are diodes installed in the wiring of the starter). With a case grounded alternator you will make the specific electric wiring in the Amel more or less worthless.


Kind regards,


Willem Kroes




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The 24V alternator on my Yanmar 4JH3TE engine (2001) needs replacement. I can't decipher the model and make of it.

Does anyone recently replaced it and /or have a recommendation for this?

I am currently in Greece (Lefkada) and the local repair shop is struggling with it.


Many thanks

Rink de Haan

SY Razor's Edge

Amel SM2K #330

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