Re: Shield Wire in NMEA 2000 Backbone

Duane Siegfri

One other interesting thing happened.  I installed a Paneltronics 6 switch panel where the B&G Hydra FFD was above the nav desk to switch the VHF and NMEA 2K backbone (both 12V),  as well as the Helm B&G MFD/Radar, the MFD at the Nav Desk, the Furuno Fax 30, and the AIS.  

I called Paneltronics and asked about using their 12V panel and they said it would be fine, the contacts were rated for 15A at 24V.

After wiring it up (two different power feeds, one for 12V, and one for 24v) it worked fine, except for the PUFF OF SMOKE when I switched it off.  It turns out they didn't use an LED for the indicator light, they used an incandescent bulb.  At 24 volts the bulb was hitting temps that warmed the rocker up to 160 degrees.  I'm waiting to hear from Paneltronics if there is another bulb, or another switch.

The bulb is easily removed by disassembling the switch.  It is direct wired into the bulb, I don't know how you would ever replace it.  They guy at tech services didn't know and couldn't find anything about replacements.


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