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I think the line on the SM is a color that straddles the line between red and orange, so it's a bit of a matter of opinion.  Though maybe mine has faded.

If you go with a vinyl boat name (I would), be sure you get "high performance" vinyl.  I used a local sign shop for the name on my previous boat, and it lasted about 4 years with regular, outdoor-rated vinyl.  I had the same shop make lettering for my dinghy, and they used high performance vinyl because it would be subject to inflating/deflating.  It's still going strong after 7 years, most of that spent in the weather on davits.  I've since received the same advice from a family friend who runs a (different) sign shop -- the high performance stuff should last about 10 years, and isn't much more expensive.

SM 233 Iteration
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I thought the original waterline color on all Maramus was Orange???


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Again, in reference to the hull´s refurbishing project, I´d like to hear your thoughts on the following:

1. Should we paint the waterline with the traditional/original red stripe? we are going to use gelcoat to apply it. Should we consider any other color?

2 Boat name on the transom: until now I have used the original Amel plaque used in the 80´s for the boat´s name and port of registration, should we migrate to other type of system? Decals? Printed graphics? Who is a good supplier in the USA.

3. By law in Venezuela the boat´s name and registration number must be on the bow, both starboard and port.

Alex Paquin


Older Maramu hull #94, 1981


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