Re: Oceanair Skyscreen

Duane Siegfri


Did you see Alexandres web site?  Search Defender for 1080 Oceanair, that's the main and forward cabins at least.


Thanks for the tip on Defender.  Man, you must have one heck of a record keeping system!  I checked Defender and the price is now $272, which is a 19% increase in only three years!!! 

I know they won't slow a rat down too much, but at least the little devil has to work a bit for it.

I'm still trying to catch mine.  Last night he left a few little presents outside the aft cabin watertight door.  Peg almost barfed when I showed her.  She is really viscerally effected by the idea of a rat on the boat.  If it goes on much longer I may be alone here.  I'm for putting out poison and hoping it has a feast.  Peg is worried about the smell, but if we have to go on for another month, I'm for the two weeks with the smell of DEAD rat.

Wanderer, SM#477

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