Re: PredictWind

Paul Osterberg

We use PW together with IGo very user friendly and good service. The problem I have is that you get 4 different forecasts, if I ask someone for an advice or opinion I want a straight answer, not four different. One can argue if three out of four show similar result thrust the three. I have at several occasions found that not to be true. Often when looking around you it does not blow as the PW routing forecast, then trusting the routing to send you to another point where the wind most likely is not what it is forecasted we tried but stoped very quick with that. When we make a longer crossing we set course so that our boat sails well and comfortable if the course is 20 or even 25 degree of corse we do not bother to much, sooner or later condition will give oss a cource that take us comfortable towards our destination. the forecast  we take for what it is an forecast, it gives the main direction and an aproximation of wind strength certainly very valuable and important for avoiding bad weather.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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