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There is a setting that you can use instead of actual polars where you more or less tell it how fast your boat goes under certain conditions.  Sort of the kid's version of the polars.  It's called "Sail", as opposed to "Predefined," which is where you find the '54.  We use "Sail".  It is what PW recommends for "cruising boats."

Since PW is not very accurate at all in the Med, what we do is we simply re-run and re-download the Weather Routing every few hours.  It's only usually like a 10K download: almost nothing.  Evidently you need to be under cellular range, or to have SSB or sat.  We have Iridium GO!

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I know many owners have PredictWind, a couple questions. Have you made passages following their routes, have they proved accurate. They  suggested using the 54's polars as they do not have it for the SM . Would they be similar enough to use for polars for the SM ? 


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