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Steve Bell s/y Dusk SM378

Hi All,
          Having spent some time visiting the Amel factory last week and looking at the production of the Amel 50, all i can add is the dedication and attention to detail is still extremely evident.

Everyone we met and talked to were extremely proud of the new Amel 50, yes time will tell how this yacht will perform and hold up to the rigors of ocean crossings etc

 I am most certainly not as qualified as some of you to agree or disagree with regards to the  performance and design of this yacht, however Technology moves on as do designs  but  the commitment, and passion, and use of quality materials, attention to detail were evident throughout our visit.

Good luck to all the Amel  staff a bold move and one which i hope pays off and ensures the future of Amel.


And a big thanks to Jean-jacques  for taking the time out to show us around.a highlight of our trip.

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Thank you Ian and Judy for the heads up about the review.

I read Hare's article and appreciated her point of view.  She mentions the weaknesses of the design: high windage, required reliance on the bowthruster, defective passageway to the forward cabins while underway (which the company claims to have addressed in builds posterior to the hull sailed), and incomplete views of the sails, despite the pillarless windshield design and supplied cockpit roof hatches.

All boats are an exercise in compromises.

She also goes over the joys of it all:  the superior performance under all wind conditions, the riches of sailplan options, the joys of the enclosed cockpit, the ease of maintenance, the design details so the kitchen can be used in either tack, the trademark 5-star hotel experience, etc.

We haven't yet sailed the 50, though we did sail the 55 a few years ago.  My take is that these boats are what an updated Amel is supposed to look, perform, and work like.  Put another way: the 64, 55, and 50 are modern versions of what the Santorin Ketch and other Amels once were, decades ago.


SM2K Nr. 350 (2002)
Underway, Crete to Sicily

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