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Hi Pat,

We used PW for routing with 54 polars and found them very optimistic. Maybe we are conservative sailors but we had to set the polar ratio to 80% to get realistic times. 

As far as the weather forecast is concerned, it's very similar to other software, we found. It mostly uses the same grib sources, so not too surprising, I guess. Windy shows better accuracy in the Caribbean, especially to understand the wind shifts in the channels and in the leeway of the islands. 

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Hi Pat,

I agree that PW isn't always spot on.  I look at and as well as PW before a passage.  There is often at least one outlier but a pretty good sense of what is going to happen can be gleaned from all that info.  The timing of wind shifts can be 12+hrs off, and wind speeds can be 10kts off (either way), but so far I haven't wished I'd waited for another window.  If even one model was predicting 30+kts, I'd either wait or call Chris Parker.

Hi to Diane!

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