Re: lifting with mizzen boom, climbing mizzen, and halyard lengths

Duane Siegfri


One other thing I wanted to add: never use any hardware on the end of the halyard to attach yourself.  Always tie a figure 8 knot that leaves a bight on the end of the line.  You can leave the hardware on the bitter end, just down attach to it.  Use a locking carabiner meant for climbing to attach the bight to your harness/bosuns chair. 

Using the hardware on the end of a halyard leaves too many failure points, the shackle, the knot attaching the shackle, and there may be wear in the line where the line bears on the shackle.  Use a figure 8 tied in a bight instead.  

There are many videos on Youtube showing how to tie a figure 8 in a bight for climbing.


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