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John Clark

Welcome aboard Brent.  I was in your shoes just 18 months ago.  You will not regret buying an Amel.  Hope to meet you somewhere in the world!  (note not many owners forums can say that and mean it. )

John Clark
SV Annie SM 37
Cave Cay, en-
route to Georgetown Exuma.

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At the risk of sounding sappy, if there was one thing I sometimes wish this forum had, it was a like button for posts like Bill’s - although they can certainly be abused so maybe not and instead I’ll pile on to Bill’s excellent message.

You Amel owners (and I’ve had the pleasure of sailing with a few of you and meeting a few more in person) are a truly EXCEPTIONAL group of individuals. The spirit in which you help each other and offer “corrective guidance” in a respectful manner is inspiring and makes me want to become one of you even more. Since I retired last spring, I’ve ruthlessly reduced my emails by at least two orders of magnitude and while I’ve followed lots of groups on various topics on a regular basis over the years, this is the ONLY one that I still allow to send me emails on a daily basis because 1) I almost always learn something interesting that I file away for the future, 2) it’s almost never acrimonious and it’s wonderful to watch you folks pass out your hard earned lessons so generously even if the question has been asked and answered a dozen times before and 3) while there may be a moderator, that function is never needed. Who ever is doing it is doing a fantastic job because it seems to me that when someone strays outside the lines a little bit someone else will inevitably show up with some gentle suggestion - often with a good bit of humour - to redirect the discussion. I usually end up chuckling at how well it was handled. No egos stroked or bruised. Nobody strays from the purpose into other more inflammatory topics. I’ve watched you graciously bring new owners into your community and offer lots of helpful advice as well as tolerate lurkers like myself who want to join your community as well.

It’s really something to see - you’ve all built something really valuable to the Amel brand here. I think you’re by far their biggest asset. As a potential owner I’d say it’s one of the top things pushing me into buying my own Amel - knowing that if I got in to trouble or didn’t understand something that within a few hours that I’d have lots of helpful solutions as at least one of you had probably seen the problem before. This could be scary when you are sinking a substantial portion of your life’s savings into an asset that can literally sink you.

I haven’t met most of you yet but I know that I want to see you all out there soon. Thank you for creating such a gem of invaluable information and in such a way that is a pleasure to follow. I appreciate being able to learn and live vicariously from all of you more than you’d ever guess. I hope to be returning the favour soon.

Brent Cameron
Future SM Owner, long time admirer.

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Every once in a while I am lead into into temptation and I look at other sailing related forums on the web. I read a dozen threads--and am horrified.  Every time I come back here and am thankful that the Amel owners who participate here are NOT LIKE THAT.

ALL the other forums are full of posturing, foolishness, stupidity, trolls and just plain evil nastiness.  Even the ones that are heavily moderated are "places" that make my skin crawl just to visit.  

They really make me appreciate the community we have here.  I like that I can ask, and answer, questions like I was sitting across from any of you with a beer in hand, and if we disagree we can do so with a smile.

Thank you--everybody.

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

Foxtown, Little Abaco, Bahamas

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