Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: lifting with mizzen boom, climbing mizzen, and halyard lengths

Ian Park

Hi James,
A climbing background always helps to think through a good backup system. When my son was 16 he went up the mast on a Jeaneau Sunfizz 40. It was an in mast 14mm halliard and it snapped as he was being lowered. He’s 42 now, thankfully as he was holding the intermediate stays and was just above the spreaders. It doesn’t matter if the halliard is in mast or external, you need a backup.
Two handed I often go up the mast on two separate halliards tied down tight on a pair of jumars. I always have a long thin line with me in case I forget something and have to lower a line to have sent up in a plastic bag.
Simple message is don’t rely on a single rope, and always have a way to get something sent up to you if you get stuck. A single rope haul is prone to all sorts of problems.


Ocean Hobo SN 96

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